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All About Testing Switches are tested in many ways to prove their capabilities and reliably. Electroswitch uses a combination of test methods to provide meaningful data for all applications. These include: 1. Cycle it mechanically until it breaks. This is usually an academic test since switches that do not switch electric power are not needed. An exception is a setup switch whereby the switch  sets up a complicated circuit and then a circuit breaker switches  the power. All testing is done under electrical  load. 2. Test under an application oriented specification – something that simulates actual operat- ing conditions such as environment,  overloads, surges, etc. UL1054 on SPECIAL USE SWITCHES and CSA C22.2 on INDUSTRIAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT for  use in Ordinary (non-hazardous) Locations are probably the best specifications in widespread use. The Series 21, 24, 25, 28 and 31 are UL recognized and CSA certified to these specifications. 3. Test at different ratings until destruction to determine ultimate life (destruction could be mechanical failure, shorting out, dielectric failure, excessive heat rise, etc.). The test condi- tions are outlined on the SELECTOR CHART on page 72. The results are summarized below: Both UL and CSA testing consists of two parts: 1. Product testing to the specifications. 2. Follow-up service by UL and CSA personnel at the factory, including inspection and testing to insure that the quality and reliability is maintained. If all conditions are met, the switches are considered “certified electrical equipment” by CSA and “recognized components” by UL and the applications are subject to review by these agencies to assure suitability. Series 24 31 101 20 UL Recognized 20A - 120 VAC 15A - 240 VAC 6A - 600 VAC 3A - 125 VDC 1A - 250 VDC 10A - 125 VAC 5A - 250 VAC 3A - 600 VAC 5A - 30 VDC 1A - 125 VDC 15A-120VDC 10A-240VAC 7.5A-600VAC 10A-125VDc 5A-250VDC .5HP-120/240VAC CKT 1,2,3 20A - 600VAC 2.5 - 125 VDC CSA Certified 10A - 125 VAC 10A - 125VAC 5A - 250 VAC 15A-120VDC 10A-240VAC 5A-480VAC 3A-600VAC 10A-125VDC 5A-250VDC .5HP-120.240VAC 20A - 600VAC 14 HP - 600VAC UL and CSA Ratings These recognized or certified ratings are not necessarily the limits of switch capacity. They represent the acceptable tested ratings to comply with individual standards. Tests include: 1. Overload – 50 cycles of operation. UL – 0-10A at 150% rating ... over 10A at 125% rating CSA – 150% rating 2. Endurance–6000  operations (DC  resistive; AC  at .75  to .80  pf) 3. Temperature rise of contacts 30°max. at maximum continuous current rating 4. Dielectric Voltage Withstand UL-220VRMS 5. Spacings (between live parts or live parts to ground) UL – 0-250V (3/65  in.  min.) 251-600V (1/8  in. min.) CSA 51-150V 151-300V 301-600V THROUGH AIR .12" .25" .37" OVER SURFACES .25" .37" .50"