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Control Indicator Module
CIM Operational Description
Ordering Information Model No. Description 642-100 Horizontal Mount - Parallel Communications 642-900 Vertical Mount - Parallel Communications 672-100 Horizontal Mount - Serial Communications - “Modbus” Protocol 672-200 Horizontal Mount - Serial Communications - “DNP3” Protocol Features Bright LED Status Indicators with100,000 Hour Operating Life  (Red - Green - Amber) Compatible with Other Protective Equipment (Electro-Mechanical or Electronic) Single Module Concept - Compatible with all Applications Small Footprint - Less than 13 sq. in. of Panel Space Applications The Control Indicator Module (CIM) is designed as a universal solution substation automation by combining multiple control and monitoring functions into a single space-saving, cost- effective unit. The CIM provides a means to automation while maintaining a manual fail-safe switch. It is designed to monitor and control up to three breaker trip coils (single, dual, or triple coils). By incorporating a CIM into a new or existing system, functions of several individual devices (including two local/remote switches, reclosing and SCADA control, and status monitoring devices) can be combined into one smaller, more compact, cost-effective device that fits into less than half the width of a standard 19" rack.   The CIM provides visual status indication through bright LEDs located on the front panel, as well as backup, failsafe manual switch control.    Control Breaker Operations (Trip/Close) 3 Ways From Integral Manual Breaker Control Switch Locally Through Protective Relays Remotely via SCADA Monitor Status of Breaker (Open/Closed) Reclose Status (On/Off) Condition of Trip Coil (Open or Intact)    SCADA Status (On/Off) Trip Source (Manual, Circuit Breaker or SCADA) Control Reclose Operation (Enable/Disable) Local Manual Switch Remotely via SCADA Control SCADA Operation (Enable/Disable) Local Manual Switch Specifications Input Voltage - 38.4 - 140VDC Output Current – Trip: 20A for 0.5 Sec 0.5A Continuous – Close/Reclose: 30A for 1 Sec 1.5A Continuous Control Power Requirements - 38.4 - 140VDC @ 100 Milliamps Communications - 9 Pin Mini DIN Connector, Parallel I/O Operating Temperature range: 0°C to +55°C