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Personal Protection Through SCADA Control of NESC "Tag-Out" Function
Features •  Available in Two or Three Position Versions •  Remote or Manual Operation •  Bidirectional Operation •  60mSec Maximum Response Time •  Orange “Warning” Hot Line Tag •  No. of Decks Series 31  Two Position –Up to 8  Three Position – Up to 6 Series 24 – Up to 10 •  Contacts: 2 N/O, 2 N/C per Deck Applications •  For Distribution Automation and Safety Tagging •  Expand SCADA Beyond Sub-Stations to Distribution Feeders •  Automate Power Distribution •  Remote Reclosure Cut-Off •  Enhance Breaker Control Schemes •  Improve Service Reliability Electroswitch Tagging Relays allow remote or manual circuit breaker operation for automated power distribution. They feature an eye-catching orange “Warning” hot line tag ensuring per- sonnel safety in compliance with utility requirements. Designed with multiple contacts housed in a compact unit, they provide an ideal solution to tag- ging requirements in both new and existing systems.  The three position version may be operated to “Closed”, “Open” or “Tagged” position manually, electrically or remotely from SCADA.  The two position relay offers the same operations with “Normal” and “Tagged” positions. For custom tags and engraving, contact the factory. Major applications include expanded SCADA systems beyond substations to distribution feeders; automated reclosure cut-off; and optimal breaker control schemes with improved service  reliability. The design and quality construction of these relays are based on an Electroswitch track record spanning five decades of supplying reliable switches, relays and related control devices to the utility industry. Note: The Series 24 and 31 two position Tagging Relays are Class 1E utility products and comply with the following Nuclear Standards: ANSI/IEEE C37.90, ANSI/IEEE C37.90.01, ANSI/IEEE C37.98, ANSI/IEEE C37.105, ANSI/IEEE 323, ANSI/IEEE 344, ANSI/ASME NQA -1.