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Panel and Shelf Mount Diagram
The Series 24 Selector Switch Relay (SSR) is an auxiliary relay that combines electrical and manual operation in a single unit for multiposition applications. Basically a unidirectional (CCW) stepping switch, the SSR can be used in any 2 to 8 position application. The SSR is ideally suited for tapswitch applications or any other multiposition application where simple or complicated contacting is used. Note: The Series 24 SSR Class 1E utility products comply with the following Nuclear Standards: ANSI/IEEE C37.90, ANSI/IEEE C37.90.01, ANSI/IEEE C37.98, ANSI/IEEE C37.105, ANSI/IEEE 323, ANSI/IEEE 344, ANSI/ASME NQA -1. The Series 24 Selector Switch Relay HIGH  QUALITY •    Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the  industry •    Qualified to UL, CSA VERSATILITY •    2 to 8 unidirectional multiposition •    Up to 10 decks and 20 poles •    Available for electric or manual operation   •    3 switch circuits - One to match your application needs SERVICE •    The Electroswitch team of Customer Service and Applications  Professionals stand behind every Electroswitch product. Let us  put over 50 years of know-how to work for you!