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Switch Diagram
Electroswitch Control Switch Relays (CSR) combine the function of a control switch with a remote controlled solenoid allowing one device to do both the manual and supervisory control function in the control of power circuit breakers. They eliminate the need to redesign substa- tions for redundant separate relays when manual substations convert to supervisory control. CSRs provide manual or electric control switch operation by supervisory control. The CSR looks, acts, and feels identical to a control switch. Note: The Series 24 CSR Class 1E utility products comply with the following Nuclear Standards: ANSI/IEEE C37.90, ANSI/IEEE C37.90.01, ANSI/IEEE C37.98, ANSI/IEEE C37.105, ANSI/IEEE 323, ANSI/IEEE 344, ANSI/ASME NQA -1. Series 24 Control Switch Relays HIGH  QUALITY •    Designed and manufactured to the highest standards  in the industry •    Qualified to UL, CSA, ANSI/IEEE 37.90 and 37.90 .1 VERSATILITY •     Replaces a manual breaker switch, interposing relays, and   associated wiring •     Direct retrofit to existing manual breaker control switch •     Electric or manual operation   •     Three circuits to satisfy different industry applications •     Multiple voltages: 48VDC, 125VDC, standard, others available •     All standard Series 24 circuit breaker control switch contacting  (see page 17) available •     Available with custom contacting (consult factory) SAFETY •     Target flag agreement (regardless of manual or electric trip) •     Available with SCADA disable for operator safety during service •     1E Nuclear qualified AVAILABILITY •    Virtually all Universal Circuits in standard voltages of the Series  24 CSRs are available from stock for quick delivery. See pg.13  (Switch Section) for Series 24 Universal Circuits. SERVICE •    The Electroswitch team of Customer Service and Applications  Professionals stand behind every Electroswitch product. Let us  put over 50 years of know-how to work for you! Basic Circuit Operation  The control of the CSR Control Switch Relay for electric operation requires no special wiring. It only requires two contacts (S1 and S2) to command the CSR to either the TRIP or CLOSE position. Low level contacts (rated 1 ampere) may be used since S1 and S2 do not control the rotary drive solenoid directly. The standard station control bus voltage is used on all three circuits. The device, when shown in the following figures is in the vertical NORMAL position. The CSR coil form shown on the figures represents the rotary solenoid that drives the CSR. Its operation is further described later. LS1 is a linear solenoid within the device that changes the sense of direction of the CSR from left (TRIP) to right (CLOSE). The contacts shown as CSR are contacts within the device. Other components are shown by conventional designations. Mechanical Target When the CSR Switch handle is turned, a mechanical target contained in the nameplate is turned as well (GREEN for TRIP, RED for CLOSE). The target remains latched when the handle returns to normal position and always shows the last active position.