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The Self Reset LOR is a special Electric Reset LOR which can be both TRIPPED and RESET from a single command contact.  In both diagrams below, closing S1 will cause the LOR/SR to snap to the TRIP position. The unit will remain in TRIP as long as S1 remains closed. When S1 is opened, K1 is picked up and the LOR/SR returns to the reset position. The Instant Reset LOR/SR will reset itself within 80mS of the opening of S1. The Time Delay LOR/SR has fac- tory preset circuitry which causes a time delay of .3 to .6 seconds from the time S1 opens until the LOR/SR contacts reclose. The Electric Reset LOR is tripped by the same method as the Manual Reset LOR. In the Trip posi- tion, closing S2 operates relay K1 which closes relay contact K1. The current then flows through solenoid LOR   which rotates the LOR/ER back into the reset position, while at the same time ter- minals A-B open to interrupt the K1 relay. Transition time is 80mSec. OPTIONS Shown in Reset position Shown in Reset position Manual Reset LOR Electric Reset LOR Time-delay Self-Reset circuit for the LOR/SR Instantaneous-Reset circuit for the Self-Reset (shown in RESET position) LOR Self Reset LOR Closing S1 energizes the linear solenoid LOR which releases the trigger mechanism and causes the LOR to snap to the Trip position. The control deck blades rotate R T to interrupt current flow to the coil.