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Switch Diagram
Features Double-Wiping Contacts for Low Resistance Even Under Extreme Shock and Vibration Two Hole Mount   NEMA Class A (105°C) Insulating Materials Excellent for DC as well as AC Switching •   Making and Breaking of Contacts Performed Inside Enclosed Decks Electrical Specifications Continuous Ratings •  20A/600VAC Interrupt Ratings 15A/120VAC 10A/240VAC 7.5A/600VAC, (Circuit 1,2,3,4) •   10A/125VDC •    5A/250VDC 1A/600 VAC, (Circuit 6, 7) Overload Current (50 operations): 90A/600VAC Resistive Dielectric Breakdown: 2200V rms minimum Insulation Resistance: 100 Megohms minimum Contacts Resistance: 30 Milliohms max. (10 Milliohms Average Before Life) Mechanical Specifications Poles Circuit 1 = 24 MAX Contacts Break-Before-Make (Non-Shorting); Make-Before-Break (Shorting) Action 90° Indexing Movement Unlimited Continuous Rotation in Both Directions Mounting Panel Mount, 2 Holes Rotor Contacts Phosphor-bronze, Double Grip Stationary Contacts Copper, Integral with Screw Type Terminals Construction Contacts Enclosed in Molded-phenolic Disks Approvals UL:  File No. E18174 •  CSA:  File No. LR20743