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Modular Plug-In Instrument and Control Switches
Switch Diagram
Features Series 20 Modular Plug-In Instrument & Control Switches have all the outstanding features of the Series 20 and 20P Switches with the following additions: •  Modular Design – Lighted or Nonlighted •   Plug-in Quick Disconnect Capabilities •   Front of Panel Serviceable Without Service Loops •   Integral Indicating and Annunciator Lights – With or Without Dropping Resistors •   Integrated Markings for Better Control – Engravings for Title, Lamps and Identification Tagging   •   Choice of Handles •   Can be Mounted with Switch Handle and Nameplate in Place •   Maintenance and Circuit Testing Accomplished from Front of Panel •   Burndy Bantamate Military Style Connectors •   3 Lamp Styles – Round Dome, Round-Flat, Dome LEDs Electrical Specifications Continuous Ratings •  20A/240 Volts Interrupt Ratings •   20A/120VAC •    20A/240VAC •   20A/24VDC •   Momentary Current:  407 Amperes 1 Second •   Overload Current (50 operations): 91A/240VAC •   Dielectric Strength:  1500V rms •   Insulation Resistance:  100 Megohms •   Contact Resistance:  10 Milliohms Mechanical Specifications Sections/Poles 1 to 12 /1 to 24 Positions 2 to 12 Contacts Double Break Silver Plated Copper Action 45°, 30°, 60° and 90° Positive Detent or Spring Return Mounting Modular Panel Thickness 2.5" Max. Standard Construction Contacts Enclosed in Rigid Thermoset Plastic Housing Special Drives Key Operated Plug-in Connectors Burndy Bantamate Trim Trio round connectors are standard. Generally only one connector is needed and the “N” polarization is used. If two connectors are needed, the 2nd connector uses the “W” polarization.

Note: The Series 20M Class 1E utility products comply with the following Nuclear Standards:
ANSI/IEEE C37.90, ANSI/IEEE C37.90.01, ANSI/IEEE C37.98, ANSI/IEEE C37.105, ANSI/IEEE 323,