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Lighted Miniature Instrument and Control Switches
Switch Diagram
Features Series 20P Lighted Switches have all the
outstanding features of the Series 20 Switches;

however, they also feature the following:
•  1, 2, or 3 Pre-wired Status Indicator Lamps – Red, Green, Amber or Other •   Easy, Inexpensive Front Panel Lamp Replacement •   Push to Test Lamp Holders •   Front Plate Only 2.94" Wide •   Assembly is Mounted from Front of Panel for Easy Wiring •   Can be Mounted with Switch Handle and Nameplate in Place •   Maintenance and Circuit Testing Accomplished from Front of Panel Electrical Specifications Continuous Ratings •   24A/600 Volts Interrupt Ratings •   3A/125VDC •   20A/600VAC •   Momentary Current:  420 Amperes 1 Second •   Making Ability (Circuit Breaker Coils)120A/125VDC •   Dielectric Strength:  2200V rms •   Insulation Resistance:  100 Megohms •   Contact Resistance:  10 Milliohms Lamp Voltage •   24-28VDC •   LEDs Available Lamp Life •   10,000 Hours Note: For ease of installation use #16 AWG Wire (or smaller). Larger wire may cause difficulty removing the switch from the front of the panel. Approvals •   UL File No. E54035 •   CSA Certified