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Miniature Instrument and Control Switches
Switch Diagram
Features •   Space Saving Design - Two Hole Panel Mount on 3” Centers •   Spring Loaded Cam Action Contacts •   Silver Plated Copper Surfaces for Long, Reliable Life •   M4-7 Terminal Screws for Easy Installation of #16AWG Wire •   NEMA Class A (105°C) Insulating Materials Control Switch Special Features •   Mechanical Red/Green Target •   Slip Contacts for Alarm and Indicator Circuits •   Pull to Lock for Safety Lockout •   Spring Return to Normal (Vertical) Position Instrument Switch Special Features •   Make-Before-Break (Shorting) Contacts •   Positive “Snappy” Positioning Detent Mechanism •   Pre-Wired Jumpers Synchroscope Special Features •   Keyed Removable Oval Handles Electrical Specifications Continuous Ratings •   24A/600 Volts Interrupt Ratings •   3A/125VDC •   20A/600VAC •   Momentary Current:  420 Amperes 1 Second •   Making Ability (Circuit Breaker Coils): 120A/125VDC •   Dielectric Strength:  2200V rms •   Insulation Resistance:  100 Megohms •   Contact Resistance:  10 Milliohms Mechanical Specifications Sections/Poles 1 to 12 /1 to 24 Positions 2 to 12 Contacts Double Break Silver Plated Copper Action 45°, 30°, 60° and 90° Positive Detent or SpringReturn Mounting 2 Hole Panel Thickness 3/16" Max. Standard Construction Contacts Enclosed in Rigid Thermoset Plastic Housing Special Drives Key Operated Approvals •   UL File No. E54035 •   CSA Certified