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Switch Diagram
Features •   Double-Sided, Double-Wiping, Knife-Type Rotary Contacts •   Silver Contact Surfaces for Long, Reliable Life •   Terminal Screws – Easy Installation •   Four Hole Mount Control Switch Special Features •   Spring Return to Normal (Vertical) Position Instrument Switch Special Features •   Make-Before-Break (Shorting Contacts) •   Common Input Tap Switch Arrangement -– Sequentially Connected to Several Lines Using the Same Switching Deck •   Positive Positioning, Maintained Action Detent Mechanism Electrical Specifications Interrupt Ratings •   15A/120VAC •  4A/600VAC •   7.5A/240VAC •   Overload Current (50 operations): 30A/125VAC Resistive •  Voltage Breakdown: 1200V rms minimum •   Insulation Resistance: 100 Megohms minimum • Contacts Resistance: 10 milliohms maximum Mechanical Specifications Sections 1 to 30 Poles 1 to 60 Positions 8; Adjustable Stops for 2–8 Position Rotation Contacts Break-Before-Make (Non-Shorting); Make-Before-Break (Shorting) Action 45° Positive Detent Indexing Mounting 4-Hole Panel Thickness 3/16" Max. Standard Rotor Contacts Silver Plated Phosphor-bronze, Double Grip Stationary Contacts Silver Plated Copper, w/Integral Screw Type Terminals Construction Contacts Enclosed in Molded-phenolic Disks Approvals •   UL File No. E18174 •   CSA File #LR20743 Variations For Key Lock Handle, Key Operated Handle, Solenoid Lock Handle, Push-to-Turn, Spring Return or Waterproof Mount Switches please see page 18.