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Technical Publications

Series 24 Tech Pub


Tagging Relays

Cam Switch Catalog

Cam Selector Guide

Control Switch Relay Tech Pub

Time Delay CSR

TD-CSR Video

Case Study: Time Delay CSR

ATR Theory of Operation

Trip Coil Monitor

Series 24 Flyer 

New! Serial Tagging Relay

New! Control Switch Relay


Industrial Selector Guide


Industrial Switch Catalog

LOR Tech Pub

Latching Switch Relay Tech Pub

Military Catalog

Series 24G Tech Pub

Military Selector Guide

Serial CSR [SCSR] Tech Pub

Serial ER/LOR [SLSR] Tech Pub

Series 5000 Disconnect

New! Serial Control Switch Relay

New! Security Solutions

New! Series 24 LOR


Series 20K, 20P Tech Pub

Series 20 Module Tech Pub

Relay Digest

Series 24 Digest

Series 31 Digest

Selector Switch Relay Tech Pub

Tap Switch Catalog

Type W2, WL2, W & WL Tech Pub

Serial CSR [SCSR] Brochure

Serial ER/LOR [SLOR] Brochure

CIM Documentation

New! Serial Lock-Out Relay

New! Serial Latching Switch Relay