www.electroswitch.com                                                                                Power Edition Vol. 5 “Smart Nameplates” Add Value to Switch Panels In Electrical Utilities Today’s sophisticated electric util- ity control room  is deluged with information. Every new IED or relay brings the opportunity to accumulate   and   display   more complex,  real-time  data.   This data  is  invaluable  for  systems diagnostics and failure analysis, but  in  day-to-day  operations, critical    warning    and    status information is still best present- ed through easily viewed panel- mounted indicator lamps. Whether   control   switches   are operated  manually  or  remotely, lamps  provide  an  immediate, unambiguous,   easily   under- stood local indication of the Lock-Out Relay  (LOR)  and Breaker status, along with other critical information the oper- ator needs to know. Common lamp applications are: local indication of breaker status, LOR trip coil integrity, and LOR trip signal detec- tion. “Smart Nameplates”  incorporate these   functions   into   the   associated switch or relay. Smart Nameplates use a new breed of very bright, low-power LEDs that visu- ally   match   the   candle   power   of   the brightest incandescent bulbs, and save energy,  heat,  and  panel  space.    Smart Nameplates  detect  faults  and  monitor voltages   so   economically   that   every switch or relay can be monitored. They eliminate  the  need  for  a  separate  coil monitor relay or system voltage moni- tor, and they are equipped for SCADA compatible   remote   annunciation   of critical functions with the addition of a solid   state   dry   contact   in   the   Smart Nameplate circuitry. Smart Nameplates are currently avail- able   for   Lock-Out   Relays,   Breaker Control Switches, and certain remotely controlled devices.  A Smart Nameplate for an LOR monitors the integrity of the LOR  trip  coil  and  also  indicates  the presence  of  a  trip  signal.    Critical  to almost  every  protection  scheme,  the LOR, or 86 device, is usually slaved to an  IED, a  protective  relay, or  another command  device. When  this  device detects  a  fault  parameter  sufficient  to warrant equipment shutdown, it sends a signal to the LOR  which immediately “trips”; toggling its internal 30A contacts to  open  breakers,  send  alarms,  and perform other necessary safety functions. The LOR Smart Nameplate provides effective monitoring of coil health and lights  an  LED  on  the  top  left  of  the nameplate. This  bright  LED  locally indicates the coil is intact and ready to operate.   Should the coil fail, the LED extinguishes and SCADA is signalled. Additional circuitry further protects the coil  by  preventing  an  operator  from resetting the LOR into a standing trip signal. As long as the trip signal is pres- ent  at  the  coil  inputs,  a  second  LED glows to warn against resetting.  When the trip signal is removed, the warning LED extinguishes, indicating it is safe to reset the LOR. The  LOR  Smart  Nameplate  package provides  the  operator  confidence  the coil is intact and the LOR is ready to respond to the protection scheme. Electroswitch has also adapted the light- ed  nameplate  package  for  the  breaker control function.  The Breaker Control Smart  Nameplate  is  mounted  on  the Electroswitch    Series    24    Control Switch.In this application,one,two,or three  LEDs  provide  indi- cation   for   virtually   any application  currently  using panel-mounted   bulbs   or LEDs. A voltage across the two wire leads to a specific LED  will  cause  that  LED to light up.   SCADA com- patible  output  is  also  pro- vided     on     the     Breaker Control  Nameplate  so  both local and remote indication of    monitored    events    is available. The   LEDs   used   in   the Smart    Nameplates    take advantage   of   the   remark- able progress that has been made in the last  few  years  by  offering  longer  life (100,000   hours)   and   much   greater resistance to shock and vibration than light bulbs.They provide brilliant colors, producing more light than older devices by an order of magnitude, especially at low power levels. Smart  Nameplates  have  many  advan- tages to the modern control panel: •   Visibility - Bright from any angle. •   Long LED life - 100,000+ hours. •   Easy LED replacement. •   All circuitry self contained. •   Colors: green,red,amber,blue,white. •   Space saving. •  Low initial cost, no wiring labor. •  24,48,& 125VDC; 120-240VAC. •   SCADA-compatible - Dry contact. •  Fully warranted. •   Retrofit kits available. Even in the most sophisticated utility environments, the tried and true, well understood way is still sometimes the best.   Smart   Nameplates   provide economical   panel   annunciation   for the control room of tomorrow. For   complete   details   on   the   Smart Nameplates,  please  call  or  FAX  our applications specialists today. SMART NAMEPLATES FOR SERIES 101 SWITCHES (Series 101 Lighted Nameplates) Smart Nameplates Provide Instant Status Indication; Save Costs and Panel Space CIM (Control Indicator Module) The Safety Switch For Switchless Systems Call Today For Information About These Exciting New Products 1.781.335.5200 E l e c t r o s w i t c h     •     1 8 0   K i n g     Av e n u e   •   We y m o u t h,   M A   0 2 1 8 8   •   7 8 1 . 3 3 5 . 5 2 0 0   •   w w w. e l e c t r o s w i t c h . c o m