www.electroswitch.com                                                                                Power Edition Vol. 3 Improve Protection Schemes For Transformers and Capacitor Banks Now... One Device Monitors and Indicates Fault Sources, and Provides Multiple Trip Capability The    PRIM    (Protective    Relay Indicator  Module)  is  a  complete system  designed  to  enhance Transformer  and  Capacitor  Bank protection schemes.  The PRIM has the ability to simultaneously moni- tor up to four discrete inputs from Protective Relays (electro-mechan- ical  or  digital),  then  Trip  multiple Power Switching Devices and pro- vide  a  latched  local  indication  of which   Protective   Relay   sent   the fault signal. The  PRIM  consists  of  a    Control Switch,     Lock-Out-Relay,     Test Switch,  four  LEDs  and  a  Local RESET  Switch. Options include a Latching Switch Relay in place of the  Control  Switch  and  a  Smart Nameplate    on    the    LOR    that Monitors Coil Integrity, provides a highly visible status of Trip, and has the   ability   to   notify   SCADA. Logic   circuitry   protects   against false trigger signals due to acciden- tal shorting or opening of an input contact. The four LEDs correspond to  the  four  input  circuits  and  pro- vide latched visual indication. The LOR   can   be   reset   manually   or remotely,  and  the  Control  Switch completely isolates the PRIM from the power bus. A   quick   explanation   of   typical applications follows. In    a    Dual    Supply    /    Single Transformer application or a  Dual Supply/Dual Transformer applica- tion, the PRIM could receive indica- tion of a fault from a Transformer   Differential  Relay (87T),   a   Sudden   Pressure   Relay (63), Time / Instantaneous Overcurrent    Relay    (50/51)    or Instantaneous Ground Relay (51G). Should   any   of   these   Protective Relays signal a fault, it will immedi- ately light and latch the appropri- ate   LED   and   trip   the   lock-out relay.  The Transformer would then immediately  become  isolated  from the power source.   In   a   Capacitor   Bank   protection scheme,   the   PRIM   could   receive indication   of   a   fault   from   an Overvoltage Relay (59), an Undervoltage  Relay  (27),  a Time  / Instantaneous   Overcurrent   Relay (50/51),  or  a  Neutral  Overvoltage Relay  (59N).  Should  any  of  these Relays  detect  a  fault,  the  PRIM’s appropriate  LED  would  then  light and latch, and the LOR would Trip- Out. The Capacitor Bank would then immediately  become  isolated  from the power source. For complete details on the PRIM and   other   Electroswitch   prod- ucts, please call or FAX us today: TEL: 781-335-5200 FAX: 781-335-4253 e-mail: info@electroswitch.com SMART NAMEPLATES (Series 24 Lighted Nameplates) Smart Nameplates Provide Instant Status Indication, Save Costs and Panel Space CIM (Control Indicator Module) The Safety Switch For Switchless Systems Call Today For Information About These Exciting New Products 1.781.335.5200 The PRIM (Protective Relay Indicator Module) was designed to enhance protection schemes for Single or Dual Transformers and Capacitor Banks by providing Trip capability prior to catastrophic failure. PRIM (Protective Relay Indicator Module) E l e c t r o s w i t c h     •     1 8 0   K i n g     Av e n u e   •   We y m o u t h,   M A   0 2 1 8 8   •   7 8 1 . 3 3 5 . 5 2 0 0   •   w w w. e l e c t r o s w i t c h . c o m