www.electroswitch.com                                                                               Power Edition Vol. 2 The Control Indicator Module is a new substation automation product that is now available for monitoring and controlling up to three breaker trip   coils   (single,   dual,   or   triple coils) while providing a local    manual    failsafe switch.  The CIM offers tremendous   versatility in  a  small  package  by combining the functions of several switches, monitors and annunciating devices into one compact modular enclosure   that   can   be horizontally  or  vertically mounted  in  a  space  less than 14 sq. in.   In operation, the CIM can trip   and   close   a   circuit breaker through any of the following three  methods: (A)    From    a    manual control  switch  mounted on  its  front  panel,    (B) using  a  signal  from  any protective   relay   device, and  (C)  from  a  remote signal through its interface with SCADA. In addition to the manual control switch located on the CIM front   panel,   two   toggle   switches also located on the front panel allow manual  control  (enable/disable)  of the  Automatic   Reclose   function, and the connection with SCADA .   The CIM’s interface electronics also monitor and provide for local  front panel annunciation of several events. A Red LED will continuously glow provided  the  breaker  trip  coil  is operational.    Two  Amber  LEDs indicate the status of the external reclose relay and the interface to SCADA.  A Green LED monitors and glows indicating a trip signal and its source.  In the event of a trip, it would flash rapidly, slowly, or   remain   lit   to   indicate   that indeed there was a trip, and that it was  initiated  by  either  SCADA, the manual control switch, or from a protective relay device. The   CIM   can   easily   be incorporated  into  a  new or existing system as it is compatible   with   virtually all   other   electronic   or e l e c t r o - m e c h a n i c a l protective  equipment.    Its multiple   monitoring   and control functions, and LED annunciators   can   help   to reduce   costs   and   save valuable panel space when compared to performing the same functions separately. The     Control     Indicator Module   is   just   one   of many   new   and   exciting p r o d u c t s    a v a i l a b l e f r o m    Electroswitch   for enhancing  the  automation process   while   providing manual failsafe overrides. For  complete  details  on the CIM or other switching and automation products available  from  Electroswitch, please call or FAX us today: TEL: 781-335-5200 FAX: 781-335-4253 e-mail: info@electroswitch.com SMART NAMEPLATES (Series 24 Lighted Nameplates) Smart Nameplates Provide Instant Status Indication, Save Costs and Panel Space PRIM (Protective Relay Indicator Module) Enhance Your Transformer or Capacitor Bank Protection Scheme Call Today For Information About These Exciting New Products 1.781.335.5200 E l e c t r o s w i t c h     •     1 8 0   K i n g     Av e n u e   •   We y m o u t h,   M A   0 2 1 8 8   •   7 8 1 . 3 3 5 . 5 2 0 0   •   w w w. e l e c t r o s w i t c h . c o m Now... Remotely Monitor and Control Up to Three Breaker Trip Coils Without Giving Up the Safety of A Local Control Switch Control Indicator Module (CIM) The Safety Switch for Switchless Systems The Control Indicator Module (CIM) Provides a Level of Substation Automation While Maintaining a Local Manual Failsafe Switch.