www.electroswitch.com                                                                                Power Edition Vol. 1 Smart Nameplates Provide Instant Visual Status Reduce Installation Costs and Save Panel Space Electroswitch  Series  24  Lock-Out- Relays  (LORs)  are  now  available with Smart Nameplates. These new nameplates feature bright LEDs that continuously    display    Trip    Coil Continuity   and   provide   a   clear warning against closing into a Fault. In operation, the LOR trip coil is con- tinuously monitored for continuity. In the RESET position, a highly visible LED  glows  a  continuous  GREEN indicating  that  the  coil  circuitry  is intact and the LOR is ready to respond to a trip signal. Should the LOR trip coil  fail,  the  GREEN  LED  extin- guishes,  and  a  built-in  solid  state contact  closes,  sending  a  notifica- tion signal to SCADA.   If a fault is detected, the LOR jumps to the TRIP position. A RED LED then  lights  and  functions  as  a Trip Signal monitor. As long as the TRIP signal  is  present,  the  LED  glows RED as a warning against resetting into the fault and damaging the coil. The proven Electroswitch mechani- cal target is included on all models. LORs with the self-contained, self- monitoring nameplate eliminate the need   and   expense   of   additional wiring, separate lamps, and valuable panel space. Other LED colors available include: Amber, Blue and White. For complete details on the LOR with  Smart  Nameplate  and  other Electroswitch  products,  please call or FAX us today: TEL: 781-335-5200 FAX: 781-335-4253 e-mail: info@electroswitch.com PRIM (Protective Relay Indicator Module) Enhance Your Transformer or Capacitor Bank Protection Scheme CIM (Control Indicator Module) The Safety Switch For Switchless Systems Call Today For Information About These Exciting New Products 1.781.335.5200 New Smart Nameplates are Now Available for the Series 24 Lock-Out-Relays to Provide Instant Local (Visual) and Remote Indication of Coil and Trip Status The Electroswitch Series 24 fam- ily of manual and remotely oper- ated  switches  are  now  available with  a  Smart  Nameplate  featur- ing One, Two, or Three replace- able   LED   indicators.   Flexible circuitry  allows  the  LEDs  to  be wired  to  indicate  virtually  any user   defined   event.   The   new nameplates save panel space and eliminate  the  expense  and  work of  wiring  and  installing  lamps. Models are available to monitor breaker   trip   coils   and   even provide    annunciation    either locally   (visual) or   remotely through SCADA. New Series 24 Smart Nameplates Give Customers the Ability to replace One, Two, or Three lamps (amber, blue, green, red, or white) to Provide Local Visual Annunciation. Lock-Out-Relays with Smart Nameplates Series 24 Switches Now Available with Smart Nameplates E l e c t r o s w i t c h     •     1 8 0   K i n g     Av e n u e   •   We y m o u t h,   M A   0 2 1 8 8   •   7 8 1 . 3 3 5 . 5 2 0 0   •   w w w. e l e c t r o s w i t c h . c o m