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   Detent-Action Rotary Switches   
Typical Applications
Generator Controls Transit Track Switching Industrial Panel Control
Runway Light Ammeters Tap Switch
Compressor Control Silo Controls Operating Room Lights
Prison Door Control Transmission Controls Railroad Crossing Equipment
Ship Rudder Control Large Gen-Sets Telephone Equipment
Interlock Transit Cars Industrial Lighting Dairy Equipment

   Snap-Action Rotary Switches   
Typical Applications
Mining Equipment Train Warning Lights Ship to Shore
Transit Car Air Conditioning Telephone Equipment Test Equipment
Welding Equipment Soil Testing Equipment Bypass Switch
Instrument Controls Battery Maintenance Switch DC Voltage Disconnect
Industrial Overhead Magnets Flame Cutting Machines Transformer Tap Selection
UPS Systems Power Source Selector Stage Lighting

   Cam-Action Rotary Switches   
Typical Applications
Crane Controls RV AC & Ventilation Controls Refrigeration Trailers
Meter Switches Medical Equipment Packaging Equipment
Oxygen Equipment Controls Scaffolding Gen-Set Controls
Generation Controls UPS Equipment Bypass Switches
Industrial Panels Motor Controls
Communications Equipment Motor Operated Switch
Ventilation Equipment Bus Controls

   Tap Switches   
Typical Applications
Heating Elements in Silicon Reactors Test Equipment
Furnace Tap Switches Welding Equipment
Selector Tap Switches for Transformers

   Knife Switches   
Typical Applications
Disconnect Switches in Steel Industry Disconnect Switches for Ship Board