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TAP SWITCHES STANDARD OPTIONS Designated Code X “OFF” Position An “OFF” Position is available in place of one contact position.  Add the suffix “X” to catalog number.  Eight total switch positions, “OFF” included, is the maximum on molded base. 8HV Increased Operating Voltage to 800 volts 12HV Increased to 1200 volts 45 or 90 Angled Terminals All switches are supplied with straight clips and rotor strap as standard.  To obtain 45 degree or 90 degree clips and rotor strap, add the suffix “-45” or “-90” to the catalog number. S Auxiliary Switch A single pole, double throw 15 amp at 480VAC auxiliary switch actuated by the rotary tap switch mechanism is available for remote indication pur- poses.  Add the suffix “-S” to the catalog number. MR Mechanical Release Provides a separate spring loaded handle which must be withdrawn to permit operation on main handle of switch to the next tap position.  Actuation of the mechanical release operates an auxiliary switch (SPDT - 15 amp at 480VAC) which can be wired into the control circuit to assure the tap switch is operated in a NO-LOAD condition.  To obtain mechanical release option, add the suffix “-MR” to the catalog number. L Key Interlock Provision Provisions can be provided for customer addition of a Type F, 1-inch bolt- projection when withdrawn, 3/4-inch travel, Key Interlock to prevent unauthorized switch operation on all types of switches.  Add the suffix “-L” to the catalog number SPECIAL OPTIONS Dial Plate Standard switches are supplied with numbers.  We can supply letters, different numbers, etc. Handles Type S1, single phase, are supplied with pistol grip handles.  Type T2 & T3, tandem 2 or 3 phase switches, are supplied with “T” Handles.  Type S1 could be supplied with “T” Handle, low profile.  Type T2 & T3 could be supplied with pistol grip handle. Terminals All switches are supplied with straight clips and rotor straps as standard.  We can supply straight clips and angled rotor strap. Increased Operating Voltage Standard switches are rated 600 volt.  We can supply 1200, 2400, 4160, 4800, etc. There are no designated codes for special optional features other than “-Z”.  Special features must be written on purchase order. Combinations Switches can be supplied with: More than one Auxiliary Switch More than one Key Interlock Provision Combination of Mechanical Release with Key Interlock, Mechanical Release with extra Auxiliary Switches, etc.  To obtain these options, add suffix “-MR”, “-2S”,  “-2L”, etc. In addition, our switches feature manual operators or motor operators.  Standard motor opera- tors are uni-directional controlled.  Reversing control is available. Special Applications The basic design of Heavy-Duty Rotary Tap Switches lends itself to numerous special modifica- tions and arrangements; increased operating voltages, series/parallel switching, wye-delta switching, generator winding controls, high frequency switching, motor reversing, polarity reversing, etc. Consult the factory for your particular application.  Our staff of engineering and marketing specialists are at your service.